Anonymous asked:

Hi tara! i was wondering if you know of a list/ schedule of the talk shows, events, radio interviews, etc. that the boys are doing this week or if it's not too much trouble could you make one? it's so hard to keep track of everything and you're the most reliable update blog :)

hotdamn5sos answered:

I have a list of everything from the 21st and the 22nd here!

Here’s the videos from the Jimmy Kimmel show last night:

Segment | SLSP | Amnesia | Beside You | Full Concert (fan video) | Sweet Home Alabama (fan video)

As far as tonight goes, they’ll apparently be taking over KIIS 102.7 from 7pm to 10pm PST, which is 10pm to 1am EST. You can listen to it on iHeartRadio!

I don’t know of any other media bits that they’re doing! They have the Forum thing tomorrow, possibly (they’ve said they’ll try to attend), but other than that, I’m clueless!

If you guys in the LA area have heard about any other radio/media stuff, let me know! I’m in Florida so it’s harder for me to find out about them :(


Anonymous asked:

Is there any possible way you could make a master post of all the videos they have done in the last few days? Sorry!! It's so hard to keep up with them right now

hotdamn5sos answered:

laxbrocal made one for the 21st here!

Here’s the stuff from the 22nd:

The Today Show - SLSP / Amnesia / Don’t Stop

Sirius XM - Livestream / Amnesia / Teenage Dream

Interview with Ryan Seacrest

Sirius XM Track by Track

Meeting fans at JFK

New video from iHeartRadio (07/21) - Tweet & Dare